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What I've seen of it is what I would expect for him.

First I read the reviews of the site by moving my curser over a piece of paper which
floated up and could then be read.

I heard three very nice songs that played well.
I Liked how the tapes floated up and into the boom box whos speakers then turned purple
and played the music.

The TV did not play so well for me, kinda jerked through its playback,
I guess there was to much information coming in to play smoothly.
I have high speed quest, so I don't understand why it did not stream properly.
I was hoping that it would enlarge, but I did not figar out how to get that done.

As with his award wining site, you have to have your brain working and move the curser around
to find things, which I like.

I don't know that I've seen the full content of the site. I'm sure there will be more to come.

This is the fourth site of his that I've hung out in,
I liked the on with the NPG radio downloads the best for their content.
The one which followed it also had downloads of albums which could be purchased, so I liked it to.

I always expect something interesting and inovative from his web sites,
he's more then just a musician, he's an inovater who is changing the way a musician
interacts with his fans. The success of the Crystal Ball CD showed him the potential of the web,
and he has not slowed down since.

Much respect for Prince, he's always rasing the bar.

P.S. George Clinton is right up there with him, this MYFUNK site is awsome.
Thanks so much for you insite on this subject
Just found out that a membership will most likely cost about $77.....
While I was thinking that I already had a lifetime prescription being a member of his former sites!

The site itself should really be something and launched by the end of March.
I`m a member of lotusflower and the page is really amazing, although for 77 $ I hope he´s gonna continue to put up some stuff ... But the Videos etc. kick ass. love it


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