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I think Prince has the best fashion style of any Rock Star ever. What do you think ? PS: I'd Kill for a pair of his boots any body know how I can get them ?

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Prince song
All right! Prince is very elegant person, BUT Mr George Clinton has the best fashion sense of any Rock Star ever.
He's very fresh, he seemes having 20 years old when he dress, allways on time since the beginning. But Prince is near him!!!!!!
Ok I'll funk 2 that
Prince is one sharp cat,but his style is only for him.Some of those suits I would wear.Marie France use to make his clothes.
Thanks 4 your reply
I agree that Prince is sharply dressed, but I'm not quite sure he is the best dressed. He does have some exquisite taste but I would have to agree that it is also his own. Do love the boots! ;)
So who gets your best dressed vote ?
Now that's what I'm talkin bout baby
He's classy and got style
U know he puts on something that another wont dare.
Judge 4 Urself

Thank U Prince

Can anyone else truly match that dress sense....must admit it that  aint for the faint hearted but only just the funky ones!

As for the critics!!! well they can only wish it!


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