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3rd Eye Girl is a social media channel (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube) through which Prince posts videos and audio streams of his recent work.

On 31 December, 2012, a rehearsal video of Bambi was posted on a YouTube channel named 3rd Eye Girl. The video and YouTube account didn't catch any attention before DrFunkenberry linked to a 3rd Eye Girl twitter account on 6 January, 2013.

The self description of the channel may indicates states:
"International Art Thief. Everything you think is true.
Underground. Soon to be above."
It is not certain at present time if the channel will continue to stream on a regular basis all through 2013 or is just a platform to advertize a future wider project (website, album).
Some images on the Facebook account link to an instagram account by Stellameow, which is an alias of artist Stella Blu, responsible for the 3rd Eye Girl artwork linked to the account.

1 video was shared by 3rd Eye Girl in 2012, see details below (full details of each track are given on the tracks' pages):

Bambi (Studio Rehearsal)
Bambi Rehearsal (video) 
Available 31 December, 2012

Bambi studio rehearsal (3:22) - YouTube video stream
A rehearsal of Bambi from a December, 2012 (assumed) rehearsal session at Paisley Park, Chanhassen (MN), USA. The video shows a filmed rehearsal of Prince and an all-female band performing Bambi. Of note the rehearsal session is the same from which an excerpt of new song Screw Driver was posted on 17 December, 2012 on Hannah Ford's Facebook Page.

3 tracks have been shared by 3rd Eye Girl in 2013 so far. They are listed below in chronological order by release date. Full details of each track are given on the tracks' pages.

Laydown (Extended)
Laydown Xtended (audio) 
Available 6 January, 2013

Laydown (5:54) - YouTube audio video stream
An extended version of Laydown, about 2 minutes longer than the initial release in 2010, a hidden track on 20Ten.

Same Page Different Book
Same Page Different Book (audio) 
Available 6 January, 2013

Same Page Different Book (4:42) - YouTube audio video stream
A new song Same Page Different Book likely recorded in 2012.

Rock And Roll Love Affair (Remix)
Rock And Roll Love Affair Remix 7
Available 6 January, 2013

Rock And Roll Love Affair remix (5:42) - YouTube audio video stream
A unreleased remix of Rock And Roll Love Affair. The track was labelled Rock And Roll Love Affair Remix 7.

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