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I am a vinyl collector and I have been since vinyl first started leaving record stores.  I did not like tapes cause my player would sometimes chew and screw up some sounds (this is how screw got  When CD came along I loved it cause I could skip to the next song without scratching my V's all up.  Internet, PC and mp3 came along but I contend vinyl has the highest sound quality.  And it is cheaper than buying the CD.  I pay $4-7 for old school vinyl today with no scratches but that same CD reissued is double or more the cost.  It was much cheaper when I first started collecting.  I got America Eats it's Young original for $2. I still got a unopened "Ahh the name is Bootsy" that I paid $1 for.  As a matter of fact on the same day I bought 3 of those unopened and 2 Bootsy Player of the Year unopened along with the Strawberry #23 12 inch altogether for $5.  This was when nobody was into vinyl anymore.  Got original Electric Ladyland  for $2 and Beatles Abbey Road $1 and Sgt Pepper's $1 on the same day.  I said all that to say that when I place vinyl against the CD in quality, the vinyl wins in the end.  Plus you get the artwork and liner notes you can read.  I was wondering what was your take on vinyl verses CD in quality.  Do anyone have the same record on vinyl and CD in their home and have you did a test to see which one funks the best.  I have compared and sometimes small things are taken out with the digital quality.  "Maxx Axe" by Roger is a classic example of this and so is Sir Nose Devoid of Funk.  Any opinions on the matter?

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Love the vinyl. CD's are the bomb. I have vinyl, cd's and cassettes.
Just purchased a record player last year, have not unpacked it from the carton yet...


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