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funk legend george duke has passed on his funk hits reach for it and dukie stick gave him an honary pass on the mothership.


his version of mothership connection was good.

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my condolences  to the duke family. not only as a father and musician but a great humaniterian

just found out scott taylor p funk horn player passed.

i knew about Scott Taylor. i met him in 2004 once. very cool guy.

I been busy working and I had to come back and give my reply. From my understanding Geo pulled Scott from JB's band. The last I seen him he was on the Smoking Grooves tour (from YT clips). I felt he gave Greg and Bennie a more fresh sound, although he didn't play Trombone. I still say they need another horn. I dig what Greg and Bennie does, sometimes sounding tight, on some nights they sound like the the BT Express horn section

i have many cds by George Duke. he was much more than "reach for it" and "dukey stick. next to Bernie, he was my favorite on keys. he had many funky tracks on his albums and worked with Stanley Clarke who appeared on his albums and the Clarke/Duke project albums, Leon Ndugu Chancelor the great drummer and Sheila "E" Escovedo who played with him on percussion way before Prince. a true hero of keyboards and music.

Hard to believe that George Duke is gone ,its hard to imagine a music scene without him .He did it all ,there won't be another like him ever.


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