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MYFUNK is in Danger of Shutting Down unless we get some support from it's users.It has benefited bands, solo artists, producers, photographers, musicians to showcase their talents for like minded fans across the globe. An audience that we KNOW is out there but have been told countless times by promoters, record company and music media suits over the years, "Funk fans don't come out and support the music." 

If Rock N Roll is the bastard child of the Blues then Funk is it’s incestuous  “county cousin“ only trotted out at funerals or a rare special event (twice) at the Grammys, which doesnt really count because the Red Hot Chili Peppers were the act but wouldn't do it WITHOUT P-Funk performing with them.  Nobody is going to keep this thing going but MYFUNKS members.

We are not asking much. If all our members click on the link below and just give what you can.

Helps to continue to Take it to the WORLD Stage for a while more.....

Thanks for your support

Ok Bye!!!

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not by the hair of my 20...20...20!  WE support you as you have supported us.  Fakebook won't never funk totally.  This site is for those who promise to Funk. to Stand.  Get On Up and Jam.  Thanks for the warning.  Dont let the nose pin the tale on the Funky


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