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My girlfriend and myself went to see Maceo Parker over the weekend at the Burlington Arts Centre.For those of you who don’t know who Maceo Parker is ,he use to be in James Browns backing band The JBs back in the 60’s.He also played with Parliament,and Bootsy Collins Rubber Band.Have to say that he put on a bloody good set.His band was super tight.They all displayed some serious licks when it came to their solo spots.Had to have been the best thing i’d seen this year with Dumpsta Funk having been the best thing i’d seen the previous year when they performed at Nathan Philips Square.Man whenever we go out to see a really good band it just does’nt get any better than that.Its too bad that the music industry has changed up so much that you don’t see to many live Funk/RnB type bands out in the mainstream as much anymore,only these poncey assed celebrity types that are geared towards screaming 12 year olds .Thank goodness theres some Funk/RnB bands out there still doing it gigging,touring , Ohio Players , Mint Condition .If  they ever tour and make it up to my part of the woods,we’ll definetly make it our mission to go out and see them.Locate and support the Funk is what i’m saying.While i’m on this subject i just finished making another podcast of my show Ultimate Vibe ,so feel free to tune in don’t forget to e-mail your comments of what you think,opinions etc.

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