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If you had to choose a side: Who was funkier, Parliament or Funkadelic?

If you had to choose a side: Who was funkier, Parliament or Funkadelic? 

(cannot say both) you must make a commitment to one to play this game properly

This debate in itself is a psychological and philosophical study and really have nothing to do with the funk. The funk topic is used as a common ground to establish a group to conduct the hypothesis of the study. and its just for fun and educational.

 We all know that P-funk and Funkadeic is all one and all that and you love them both like parents, but the hypothetical question being is "IF" you had to choose between the two, which would it be? Simple question but hard to answer, I understand that.(is why i am asking it) What i don't understand that some people cannot choose a side and commit to it. If you cannot have it all then what will you accept and commit to as if the other band never existed? l dont wanna hear "I like both" we all like both but now i have divided them into two separate entities asking you to choose only one. (PLAY THE GD GAME!) lol.

When choosing your band try to give a statement to support your answer

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pfas only made one album but if you're into the dance electronic stuff yes.


actually george used the pfas name cause he lost rights to the names parliament and funkadelic plus fuzzy, calvin, and grady already used the funkadelic name and george did'nt want them using the parliament name which mighgt would have happened.


computer games classic dance album, you should'nt nuf bit fish good album very underrated.


tapoafom, dope dogs, and hldyh2bb4ya all classic al;bums.









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