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did george take unreleased songs from the brides 3rd lp and make them to the cinderella theory

heard this from long ago that george took outtakes from the brides 3rd lp shadows and remixed them into the cinderella theory well p funk has been known to remake their tunes over and over again.

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there was 2 brides albums the 3rd was called shadows on the wall like the hat he never wore some of thosde tunes like think right, just for play, 20 bucks, and love don't come easy was on the family series, catch a keeper was supposed to be on that album but was released on the p funk all stars album in 83.
I Don't think so, a lot of work on that record was done by Amp.

yes amp did do a LOT OF THE CONDERELLA THEORY BUT THE BRIDES RECORDED TWO Albums of unreleased material and looks like George took the songs and remade them p funk was always remaking songs anyway come to find out do fries go with that shake was a brides tune and George took it and put it on his album no wonder sheilah hoprne was given a crediot.

the coast to coast mix.. 






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