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can't wait for george's new album and book coming out

that and the book about the brides and parlet will be just about it both books are way overdue.

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Since you speak on it there's supposedly three books coming out on George. Will the books on the Brides and Parlet wil be in one book or a seprate book?

the brides and parlet book will be separate but you know georhge is gonna be mentioned in the she funk book George has history with all the girls he knew mallia from the 60's George dated her sister.

dawn and lynn was with sly and was touring with p funk when George offered them a gig with him, sly found out got mad and fired them making it easier for them to go with George.

little known fact George discovered val young.

wonder will mallias album from deathrow records ever be released.

i heard once again that the current tour George is on will be the last one. i 'm thinking Garrett Shider will be speaking on it on this radio show this week. as for the book, i'm looking foward to all of them a guy name Kris Needs is suppose to have book about George thats suppose to drop this month too. i want to read them all. Needs book is clled the Cosmic Oddesy of Dr Funkenstein or something like that.

George partied like he was in high school George at his age did mopre dancing, jumping up and down more than people half his age.

George lived as full life he saw 70 years of age he lived to see his contributions to music get reconition he embraced the hip hop scene when it first happened he lived to actually work with his musical followers.

George outlived most of his musical peers he hung around Motown when they was ruling the charts in the 60's, he partied with the hard rock groups ted nugent, iggy pop, mc5, velvet underground, vanilla fudge.

Clinton knew hendrx, sly stone, miles davis everybody he produced the red hot chili peppers, he worked with Thomas dolby, he hung around derathrow records since the deathrow crew was sampling a lot of p funk.

i can't say that i blame him for retiring. people get older and just can;''t keep up the grind of touring around the world year in and year out. i 've seen many many shows. more in recent years than the early years. i aplaud him for keeping it up as long as he did. much respect to them all.

if George retires thanks for the memories because nobody else had the nerve to land a spaceship on stage.

george survived a lot he went through everything made money lost money, lost family members and long time comrades you know george goes somewhere private and think about eddie, glen, tiki, tyrone, garry, boogie, ray, and belita, mallia and Jessica.

no matter what people say about george not paying his artists opr having personal beef with them.

george knew the majority of them before the fame they go back to the chitlin circuit the original parliaments and funkadelics cept for tiki all came out of plainfield.

george knew later members like glen, gary, and boogie since they were all children.

Garret said he don't think touring is over for GC. maybe a break. he said he ain't heard nothing about retirement.

agreed found nothing on line that George says he was retiring not even in none of his most re4cent interviews.

George is gonna do it til he can't.


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