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This forum was designed to be a positive thing where "Funk Bands and their Peers" could connect and share musical ideas and marketing thoughts amongst each other. We were going on strong until YOU decided to bring YOUR shit over here.
This is not the P-Funk's "old groupie bitches" page.
This network is called MYFUNK (ie. ME & MINE).

I dont actually give a funk about 2 or 3 (non-descript) midnight tryst's "Cat-Fighting" over a dead man. You don't see any of our other older friends or fam here spreading shit.
"This is Rock n Roll"

We don't want or need any irrelevant old-school "bitching" done around here(.)

Who "really" needs to hear more stories of You or any other hysterical chicken head, claiming to have found true love while giving BJ's on the back of a tour bus (every now and then) on MY (personal) Network?

Truth be told we'd (ideally) prefer some smart / positive "WOMEN" around here, the ones who's MIND's are as perky as their Breasts.
"OLD GROUPIE TALES sag like OLD GROUPIE TITS" ( they get longer and sadder as time goes by).

This is MYFUNK it is not the P-FUNK / ONE NATION page of old ( don't get me wrong, I used to love it over there).

I started this NETWORK to get away from that poisonous shit over there, with people (like you) on the periphery talking like they knew what was happening on the inside. You're not a P-FUNK insider anyway.

In My 32 years I've never heard of you.

How dare you send bulletins of WARNING to everyone here at MYFUNK?


You've only joined just the day before and you've already lowered the conversational standard here.

Nobody wants to hear it and I'm sick of it.

Eddie Hazel has been dead LONGER than either of you claimed to had known him.

To make a short story even longer.....This is personal, I'm PISSED.
I like the way my site looked before you came and I can ban anyone from MY NETWORK.

You're not in MY network.
...and I'm not sorry ( at all ).

You're Banned.

Mike Clip Payne / MYFUNK.NING.COM


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I'm glad this is over, let's focus on the fun of this network from now on. I left the group "Remember Eddie" because of this bullshit, it created a sick feeling on me, negativity. Now I can reconsidder joining the group again. Thanks Clip!
I agree with Clip, this Network is for celebrating Artist and they're music, our personal negative expereance doesn't make anybody feel good. when you truly love somebody, that's passed on the right thing to do is share something good in public if you feel the need to do so(if you have something good to share),my point; Maggot Brain, is part of the fabric of American Music, that's Eddie Hazel........And for the person who wrote negative comment's about George Clinton, you need to do some research, because he's given many musicians a chance to be heard, that wouldn't get it with anyone else in this business, and Eddie Hazel was one of them. So let's make an effort to find as much music as we can (I'll do the same)that Eddie played on and post it. So we can Celebrate and Share his Brilliance, This is MyFunk. our Funk. (I'll give a heads up on some records he can be heard on). Game, Dames and GuitarThangs, that's his solo record, Shaky Ground by the Temptations, There's also two Albums that came out in the late seventies by Bonnie Pointer and the obvious places to look would be Funkadelic recordings on Westbound. happyfunkee to all of you on MYFUNK.NING.COM
Thank you Clip! I was getting real sick of seeing these stupid messages pop up in my inbox and on Eddie's page.
Let the Funkin on the One Begin! Saes ohman! ahla lou ya. This is a brilliant Site for all kinds of reasons.

DANCE GIRL YA MAKE WANNA DAAAAANCE. CHICKEETEE Walk in Three ya know ya wanna make me DAAAAANCE. This is a Funky Masterpiece that within this Groove a lestic Site You may one day find it on Fathertimes Page Thank You Clip and Fathertime. The id of tha Funk lives on.
I totally agree 500%, Clip. I signed on as a musician/songwriter, P-funk lover and all-round fan. Yet, there are those who don't understand the purpose of MyFunk, and like you said, post all this off-brand shit. The suckas need to know that the reason MyFunk is successful is because it is music FIRST, and foremost. Not crappy trash that has nothing to do with music (and the funk, in particular). Quite a few of us have been doing music/recording for decades and love to share our experiences and maybe advice to our peers, but when we get crap from folks who don't know anything (nor want to learn about music and or recording), it breaks our hearts. So, yea dawg, I'm with you all the way on this. I believe that the tighter the ship, less chance it'll sink.
Thanks, Clip.
Can't remember my old Username and I don't navigate well at ONE NATION like I use to. I'm gonna need senile member HOOK-UP (lol). OK HIGH!!!
I love the page Clip im new to this but but the fam out here is helpin me out keep doin ya thang big bro and I'll meet u at the turn around thanks again and to the whole funk net we will get over the hump!


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