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420FM Super Meltdown TripFest Weekend We found the venue who's down for the party??

Wefunk has found the place to do our first 420FM TripFest Weekend. We are looking for some feedback from you, because this will be OUR Thing.
How many of you would be interested in a weekend package that includes Room, 2 meals a day, and 2 private concerts by the 420 Funk Mob, DRUGS and a very special guest.
The resort is in upstate New York about 100 miles from New York CIty. Indoor/outdoor pool, indoor jacuzzi, 4 star italian restaurant, 240 capacity Niteclub, Bar. 90 Beautiful newly renovated rooms

This will be a very special private show for only those staying at the Resort. The limit will be 240 people. Don't miss this chance to party/check out/ and hang with the band in a very intimate setting.

We are working out the details $150-$175 per person price range. That would include Room, show, and breakfast and dinner in the 4 star Italian restaurant. The event would happen over a Friday and Saturday during October. Not sure which weekend but it will NOT be Oct 9-11

Please lets us know who would be interested in such an event. MYFUNK members will be getting preference on the very limited space! This could be the beginning of a yearly or bi annually event.

This will be a very 420 friendly environment where you can cut loose for two days and never have to leave the resort. No worries about Drinking and Driving. The only place you will have to navigate to is your bedroom!

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I'd be interested. October 18th is my birthday so if you had it that weekend it would be supremely funky.
OOOOHHHHH MY GOSH!!!! I am sooo unbelievably interested. Lawd have mercy, somebody email NOW!!! One thing. I'm a stone cold citygirl and don't own a vehicle/drivers license. Can you get to this place via bus or train?
Anxiously waiting on info. Hit a Sista up!
Dayumm! Can't wait!
Go wiggle ya'll
I will check it out. There is a bus that goes to Woodstock. The show would be in Tannersville NY. If the bus only goes to woodstock. We will make sure you get there
Awww suckee suckee!!!
Kewl!!! Thanks soo much!
I await further details.
Sending a big, funkay, stankin, hug & smooches!
Go wiggle baby!
Hey Family. I know ya'll are currently touring. But please don't forget to keep us posted on this function. If there's little response, is it still on? If so, let us know. The sooner the better. With two crazy teenagers and the recession...gotta work this into my budget. I'm sure ya'll can dig that.
Funk, Peace & Blessings
Go wiggle ya'll!
steph-sherrie's interested in going and please!
Count Boykin in!! Fight the Syndrome!
It's almost September. Don't wait 'til the last time minute and have us all scramblin for cash to get there.
Inform the family. Peace & Blessings. Go wiggle ya'll
This sounds wonderful, please keep me posted as it may be something that I'd love to attend!
We were looking at Nov 13.14 and 15 for the festival but Pfunk will be in Europe that weekend so we are looking for an alternate weekend date where all the bands are available


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